Honestech Claymation Studio

Honestech Claymation Studio | 27.18 Mb

With honestech Claymation Studio, you can easily create stop motion video.

Capture images using a digital camera, webcam or DV camcorder and add background images, audio, and music to create your own stop-motion movies.

View the frames in sequence for easy editing
Add intro or ending credits to your video
Add onscreen text or subtitles to your video
Adjustable thumbnail size

Display Screen:
Capture images using webcam, digital camera, camcorder, and more
Onionskin and rotoscope features make creating new images simple
Adjustable frame rate allows you to control the speed of your video
Preview your work before creating an output

Capture Tools:
Control brightness and other camera settings
Flip your image vertically or horizontally (mirror image)
Auto capture makes capturing images easier and faster than ever
Grid and key drawing features help you adjust your subject more accurately

Chroma Key:
Add blue/green screen effects to your video
Using the color spectrum tool, apply chroma key effect more accurately
Add chroma key effect to existing images
Anti-aliasing removes rough edges by minimizing the distortion artifacts

Audio Synchronization:
Import audio or record your own audio
Easily synchronize recorded audio to specific frames
Add background music

System Requirements:
Operating System : Windows XP / Windows Vista
Processor : Pentium IV 1.8GHz or equivalent
Memory : 128MB of RAM (256MB or higher recommended)
Free Hard Disk Space : 50MB for program installation
Microsoft DirectX 9.0 or higher
Windows Media Format SDK 9 or higher
Windows Media Player 7 or higher

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